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Natural Sleep and Relaxation Therapy (RT)

The drug- and alcohol-free alternative to a better night’s rest

People suffereing from insomnia often use hypnotic drugs to induce sleep and to treat insomnia. Many of these drugs are habit-forming and frequently disturb natural sleep patterns while reducing REM time.

In our work with Relaxation Therapy across North America, one of the most useful applications has been in helping people establish quality natural sleep patterns.

Since so many are stressed from their activities of daily living and are seeking a quick fix for the problem, sleeping pills become an attractive solution. But, at what cost? 

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Many people use alcohol often as another quick fix, but this unfortunately causes significant sleep interference because it actually interferes with the occurrence of deep REM sleep. During REM time your brain consumes significant quantities of oxygen, one of the most important elements of good health for everyone.

Relaxation Therapy will help you sleep naturally

When you do RT just before going to sleep, you will significantly reduce body tension, facilitating deep, natural sleep. RT offers a natural and effective alternative for quality sleep, every night.

Mattress Advisor has a thorough review of sleep theory research and positive sleep habits on their site: “How Sleep Works

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