The greatest lesson of life is that you are responsible for your own life

What is The Mulry Method?

The Mulry Method In The Zone Coaching Services is a proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) of American NETWORK Services, Inc., a Nevada for profit Human Development organization. 

We have been in the training business over four decades and have developed and implemented Train Your Trainers programs across North America.  We have spent thousands of hours testing and implementing our training services in the field, and have realized significant cost savings for our clients, often evaluated by Workers as “the best training ever.”

Our Philosophy

WE ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF MAKING A GENUINE DIFFERENCE, and we assume you are too.  We are special.  You are special.  Your clients are special.  DON’T FORGET – our In The Zone Life Coaches have the Personal Concerns Inventory (PCI) to document Client Satisfaction – when clients share their results with you – which they always do.


Membership Options

If you enroll in the Self-Learner option, you will be studying our services at the level of self-management of personal health and not preparing to coach others.

If you enroll in the Life Coaching option, you are seeking an expanded version of our LMS and intend to use the program with others.  In so doing, you will benefit from our Professional Development Services (PDS), preparing you for in-depth understanding of The Mulry Method and how to establish your own coaching business, while utilizing our proprietary online classes and tools.


Life Coach Certification

American NETWORK Services, Inc. (ANS) develops its own programs and Certifies In The Zone Life Coaches through our highly structured learning procedures.  We do not certify other coaching organizations, nor do we certify Life Coaches other than our own Learners, who have successfully completed our training.  We are strictly focused on The Mulry Method, its specific content and training procedures.   In The Zone Life Coaching is one of a kind and highly endorsed by outstanding professionals.

Our definition of Life Coaching In The Zone is that of Psychoeducation within a mentoring process.  It is highly focused on the 4 Core Competencies of Peak Performers In The Zone (i.e., relaxation, balance, flexibility and focus).  In so doing, we emphasize “fundamental drivers” of mind/body integration with a full-body attitude.  To achieve this objective, The Mulry Method integrates three significant content areas;  Social Learning Theory (SLT), Polyvagal Theory and In The Zone Skills Training.  Collectively, they provide a model of human functioning integrating our rational, visceral and high performance capabilities.  The Mulry Method is evidence based, follows the principles and procedures of careful science, and consistently measures outcomes through our one-of-a-kind psychological self-assessment tool, The Personal Concerns Inventory (PCI).  We support the idea common in business circles, “What gets measured is what gets done.”

Who can be a Life Coach?

There are over 71,000 coach practitioners worldwide and it is a rapidly growing service industry.  Women are in the majority and tend to be about 35 to 45 years of age.  Anyone can call him/herself a coach, as this is a highly unregulated service industry.  There are no formal requirements to become a Life Coach.  There are no official or legal requirements regarding education, training or credentials.  You can actually call yourself a coach, without any qualifications and begin work immediately.


Who can become an In The Zone Life Coach?

Our training organization learned long ago, the best trainers (coaches) are good communicators, listen to others and respect their views, are self-confident and knowledgeable regarding the service they offer.  There is a basic integrity involved and sincere Life Coaches readily admit when they do not have the expertise required.  They systematically stay close to the course content and information we feel is required for Learners to achieve a solid grasp of the basic “principles” driving Peak Performance we feature.  Because we emphasis performance principles, our coaching procedures address everyone and everything we do, at work, home and during leisure times.  “From one thing know 10,000 things.”


Why would I participate in ANS Professional Development Services?

If you intend to utilize The Mulry Method in contract for service agreements, meaning clients pay for your services, you want to be well-prepared, both as a provider and business person.  This means, for you to be successful in this competitive enterprise, you will benefit by having additional knowledge regarding online marketing, business ethics, how your services differ from those of Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors and mental health professionals in general.  You must know what it is you are offering and “stick to your knitting.”  All of this will accelerate your positive reputation as an In The Zone Life Coach.  How much will you charge, what kinds of clients do you wish to attract, how many times should you expect to see each client and for how long?  Do you keep notes and are your sessions confidential?  It is a long list and we want to fully respect all important issues as a matter of routine, ensuring Learners receive the respect and service they expect.


Our Ten-Hour Professional Development Services Process

Once you have successfully completed The Mulry Method training agenda, you can apply for Professional Development advanced training.  Since the average Life Coach earns a fee from $100-$150/hour, we offer the ten-hour service at $125/hour or $1250.  Like our Membership Fee, this charge is non-refundable.  It is important you are clear as to your intent and motivations, that you truly want to build a successful coaching service, and are willing to learn beyond mere study of course materials to pass an exam. 

We are interested in Individuals wanting to excel as In The Zone Life Coaches, who take full responsibility for their professional performance, who support The Mulry Method through service excellence, integrity and willingness to continue learning.  One of our eight Focus Groups is LEARN TO TEACH – TEACH TO LEARN.  We feel this is true for all Coaches, Learners and everyone else seeking personal excellence in an increasingly more demanding world.

For your information, this service is highly individualized and is scheduled strategically so both ANS Head Coach and Life Coach are available at convenient times and undistracted by outside influences.  We do not intend to conduct these services in groups, but this may change if Life Coaches find this of value. 

Scheduled sessions between ANS Head Coach and each Life Coach may involve Zoom, telephone, e-mails, and other communication devices considered useful and effective.


Summary Statement

It should be noted, Reaume (Ray) Carroll Mulry, PhD is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and uses The Mulry Method in his own work with patients, Veterans, athletes, executives and others from all walks of life.  Dr. Mulry does not refer to The Mulry Method as therapy.  He views the In The Zone Life Coaching process as Psychoeducation, focused on Learner based Psychological Self-Assessments, Goal Setting, Strategic Planning leading to Focused Action and thoroughly measured outcomes.   It is a highly structured process, while also encouraging creativity, innovation and imagination by Life Coaches and Learners.