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What are The Mulry Method online courses & tools?

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Over four decades ago, Dr. Reaume C. Mulry created an integrated program bringing together original, proven psychological theory and techniques with active physical practices. Since then he's distilled and refined a repeatable method to help people focus, achieve their goals, and live better lives. It consists of 5 primary components:

  • In The Zone
  • Relaxation Therapy
  • 40 Online Classes
  • The Personal Concerns Inventory (PCI)

Praise for the Mulry Method & In The Zone E-Book

David N. Baker

Jazz Musical Director, Smithsonian Jazz Workshop Masterworks Orchestra and Distinguished Professor of Music, Indiana University

Being "In The Zone" should be the rule, not the exception. A command performance - whether in the arts, athletics, or any other aspect of life - requires your total commitment. Ray Mulry's powerful and illuminating book, In The Zone, offers a specific methodology for reaching and maintaining your highest aspirations.


Dan Millman

World Champion Gymnast, Author of The Inner Athlete, subject of The Peaceful Warrior movie

A refreshingly lucid and energizing prescription for a "happy body" which, as the author shows, is a solid foundation for a peaceful mind, open emotions and a fulfilling life. Of the many books on body-mind health, this one reflects unusual attunement with the needs of the reader and with fundamental keys to well-being.


Michael Breed

2012 National PGA Teacher of the Year

Marriage between the physical and the mental; as an instructor, the easiest is the physical. However, the physical alone will never be productive enough to reach peak performance. [This] is the road map for tapping into the unknown quantity of strength that lives in all of us. Uncover the ways to reach your true potential by reading and practicing the methods Dr. Ray has set forth. It has, until now, been the missing ingredient.


Sally Swift

Internationally Recognized Equestrian Trainer, and author of The Centered Rider

This is a fascinating "how to"... that can improve efficiency and increase pleasure in anyone's life. With simple, clear explanations of his basic principles, Ray Mulry triggers awareness that understanding and correct use of the body makes a vast difference in everything we do with both body and mind.


Helga Sable

Gold Medalist, U.S. Women's Cross-Country Ski Team, 1995 World Masters Championship

Dr. Mulry's In The Zone is a recipe for a happy, fulfilling life. He not only explains the importance of balancing our physical, mental and emotional being, he also shows us very specifically how, with simple exercises. Being "in the zone" is very important in all sports activities and in daily life. Dr. Mulry shows us how to get there in a way that everybody can understand and enjoy.

What you will learn

How can the Mulry Method improve my life?

FOCUSED ACTION results from INTERNAL LOCUS OF CONTROL TRAINING, which is the heart of our 100% online personal development system

  • Build Quiet Confidence
  • Improve Physical and Mental Health
  • Elevate Quality of Life
  • Achieve Peak Performance
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Dr. Mulry has been studying, implementing and teaching action-focused wellness techniques for over 50 years. In that time he's worked with professional athletes, business and the enterprise, and scores of regular folks. You'll find wide-ranging information here about Life Coaching, Self-Improvement & Drug-Free Wellness, Social Learning Theory (SLT), Positive Performance Psychology (PPP), Polyvagal Theory, even Jazz and martial arts.

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The Mulry 5-Step Method For Internal

The 5 steps of the Mulry Method will help you achieve Internal Locus of

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How to practice Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation Therapy consists of three stages: A simple Rhythmic Breathing exercise, simple Muscle Relaxation

Julian B Rotter created Social Learning Theory, or SLT

Rotter’s Social Learning Theory (SLT)

Julian B. Rotter, PhD, was rated as one of the 60 most influential Psychologists