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Life Coaching skills will augment and expand what you already know and help you serve those in need of mental and emotional care. Our program will add focus, tools and income to your practice and your life. Learn game-changing techniques for physical, mental and emotional wellness and success with a proven system: The Mulry Method


The 5 elements of the Mulry Method

In The Zone E-Book

Follow your digital guidebook to master the complete process and practice of mind/body integration with a full-body attitude

Relaxation Therapy (RT)

Learn Relaxation Therapy (RT) to switch on the parasympathetic nervous system—your rest and digest system—to calm nerves and focus

40 Online Classes

Everything you need to learn about how to practice and teach the life skills which lead to mental health, physical fitness, emotional well-being and peak performance

Personal Concerns Inventory (PCI)

Assess over 1000 possible Personal Concerns. Finding your focus is your most important step toward positive personal change

About Dr. Mulry & the Mulry Method

Reaume (Ray) Carroll Mulry, PhDReaume Carroll Mulry Ph.D. is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and has been using The Mulry Method for decades in his own work with patients, Veterans, top athletes, executives and others from all walks of life.  

The Mulry Method has been successfully implemented within The Queen’s HealthCare System in Hawaii, TVA, Hewlett-Packard, Marriott and Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory, Air Products & Chemicals, with quantifiably improved results.

The Mulry Method is evidence based, follows the principles and procedures of careful science, and consistently measures outcomes through our one-of-a-kind psychological self-assessment tool, The Personal Concerns Inventory (PCI).  We support the idea common in business circles, “What gets measured is what gets done.”

In The Zone Life Coaching is one of a kind and highly endorsed by outstanding professionals.

Techniques for Focused Action

Dr. Mulry does not refer to The Mulry Method as therapy.  He views the In The Zone Life Coaching process as Psychoeducation, focused on Learner based Psychological Self-Assessments, Goal Setting, Strategic Planning leading to Focused Action and thoroughly measured outcomes.   It is a highly structured process, while also encouraging creativity, innovation and imagination by Life Coaches and Learners.

With the Mulry Method you will learn specific, proven techniques to:

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“A refreshingly lucid and energizing prescription for a "happy body" which, as the author shows, is a solid foundation for a peaceful mind, open emotions and a fulfilling life.”
Dan Millman
"...triggers awareness that understanding and correct use of the body makes a vast difference in everything we do with both body and mind.”
Photo of Sally Swift, renowned Horse Trainer and teacher
Sally Swift
“the road map for tapping into the unknown quantity of strength that lives in all of us. Uncover the ways to reach your true potential by reading and practicing the methods Dr. Ray has set forth.”
Photo of Michael Breed, Top PGA instructor
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